“Love after divorce. Divorce after love. A wry and delightfully witty navigation towards a new life from midlife. Peppered with a mother who intuits too much and a phantom psychiatrist who offers good advice when Emily is least inclined to take it, we are reminded that wisdom may not necessarily follow age and even though we may never be too old to make mistakes, we are never too old to set ourselves free.”

~ Patricia Westerfield, Transformational Life Coach

“Enchanted with Emily Rosenbloom. Emily hooked me from the first page. It immediately put Elinor Gale into the ranks of favorite authors—Anne Tyler, Elinor Lipman, Barbara Kingsolver, and Jonathan Tropper, who excel at engaging us in their characters’ lives and relationships. Her portrayal of personal relationships and complex entanglements sparkles with humor.  The book has everything—a woman seeking love in all the wrong men, a former therapist’s imaginary voice; an evil boss; a mom who only wants to help. My nightly escape from academic writing involves immersing myself in a good novel.  I’m looking forward to re-immersing myself in The Emancipation of Emily Rosenbloom.”

~ Kathleen Malley-Morrison, Professor Emeritus, Boston University. Co-author of The Path: Tears and Laughter through the Generations and Family Violence in the United States: Defining, Understanding, and Combating Abuse

“I love the characters of this book, the flawed woman (like all of us), but with great courage, her funny mother and unusual therapist. Well written, I kept reading to learn about Emily and her growing wisdom. Read this book to delight yourself, feel anger and the power of experience and hope. More complicated stories of mature women coming-of-age improve our understanding of and compassion for how we keep changing and being challenged. And it is a fun read!”

~ Heather Saunders Estes, author of Inner Sunset

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Photo Credit: Matthias Oberholzer on Unsplash

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